XPath-Stax parser is now live in Maven Central Repository

30 Jun 2012 - London

Polyglotted.org is dedicated to solving big data issues and one of the recent concerns we faced was to process thousands of large XML files processed by different batch jobs.

Since the data was processed by support personnel, we had to allow XPath expressions for building easier jobs. Naturally the concern was to efficiently parse the large files (typically 3-5 GB) in size. Stackoverflow search led us to this blog post on Conveniently processing large xml files and we liked the approach and decided to use the source.

Our jobs had specific performance expectations as to run within 30 minutes of time and in a constrained environment with only 4GB of RAM available. The servers were beefy machines with 24 cores, so we could easily parallelize our application. Given the default behavior of SAX parsing model to be not safe for multiple thread access, we had to resolve to STAX parsing. However when we processed our files, we started running out of memory and the application could not cope up.

The main issue with the above source is that it still creates a lot of DOM objects which are really heavy weight when processing multiple thousands of them. We had to write our own implementation, which is light weight and uses little to no memory for processing. Next came the requirement from a different sources to be map our returned data into simple POJOs and we decided to map them to existing JAXB bindings.

Both the base parser and the bindings are limited in scope, as they do not have access to the entire document in memory. However the code is usable and so we decided to release them to the open source.

Documentation for xpath-stax can be found at Polyglotted.org

xpath-stax-1.0.0 is now live at maven repository

You can find the source code for the library at github

Please feel free to comment on the library and contribute changes

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